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Welcome to RLA Investment Recovery

RLA Investment Recovery LLC, an affiliate of Rick Levin and Associates, Inc. (RLA), is a nationwide firm specializing in supply chain analyses and techniques that, not only save both government entities and private sector enterprises money, often turn cost centers into profit centers!

The professional management of surplus assets – referred to as Investment Recovery – can provide significant and profitable returns; both in avoidance of costs and in higher revenue from the reuse or disposition of a company’s surplus assets.

RLA Investment Recovery  Will Turn Your Idle Assets into Active Resources and Cash by:


RLA Investment Recovery takes a strategic approach to identifying underperforming assets. This includes a Supply Chain Evaluation.


We will determine the fair market value of surplus assets as well as identifying their holding, opportunity & disposition costs.


The disposition of assets can have a significant impact on your bottom line. We identify how to maximize value and reduce risk or liability.

Please contact RLA Investment Recovery today for more information or to get started.

Who We Serve

Public Sector

The public sector entities served by the firm include The U.S. Treasury, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, The U.S. Postal Service, Fannie Mae, and U.S. Marshall Service.

Private Sector
Private sector clients include a large Midwest electric utility company where we provide extensive services, including – surplus asset identification, asset valuation, asset disposition, warehousing/inventory controls, contract negotiation, supply chain evaluation, transportation & logistics, recycling and environmental issues research, project management, metrics & reporting.

The firm was recently retained by one of the largest airlines in the world to begin the surplus asset disposition process in North America and the Caribbean.

Current banking clients for both consulting and asset disposition include dozens of community & regional banks, and large institutions for both real estate and personal property including Bank of America and the Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank.


RLA Investment Recovery, LLC looks forward to the opportunity to discuss, in confidence, cost savings procedures that have proven results and discuss the benefits that can be realized. Contact us today to make the most of past investments in assets.